Stéphane Imbach started 1996 his DJ career as Madwave and quickly became resident DJ in the renowned Swiss clubs such as MAD (Lausanne), MOA (Geneva) and Globulle (Bulle) as well as in Zurich's clubs OXA and Sensor. In 2001, he mixed for the 1st time the official "Street Parade Live"-compilation, which sold over 14,000 copies.


In 2006, he founded the music label Phoenix Recordings and released his productions also on labels like FSOE Recordings, Degenerate, Universal Nation, ITWT or GO Music. In 2018, his track Miracle was voted as #8 as Wonder of the Year.

Madwave plays at festivals such as the Street Parade, FSOE 500 & 550, ADE, Lake Parade, Energy, Love Parade or Nature One as well as at over 800 other gigs in England, Ireland, Australia, the Czech Republic, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, New Zealand, Greece, Tahiti and the Netherlands. He is also co-organizer of the Street Parade.

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